The Fine art and Theatre lab is well furnished with modern apparatus which ensure innovative learning and teaching in different aspects especially about Arts. Latest hardware and software specialities are provided for art learning, modern demonstration equipment such as TV, VCR, Tape Recorder, Folk CD’s, & DVD’s, Photographs, Interview Records, academic purpose Cassettes of valuable information, old coins etc., are preserved.

Audio & Visual Lab

The Audio-Visual Lab is furnished with modern apparatus which ensure linguistic learning and innovative learning method in different traits. Latest teaching and presentation equipment such as TV, OHP, Tape Recorders, CDs of academic importance, and Cassettes of valuable information are preserved. etc.

Education Technology Lab

The techno-friendly campus is fortified with education technology lab which gives our students the winning edge in this competitive world. The lab is fundamentally used to make presentation and conduct academic demonstrations.The lab is equipped with required tools to perform the related activities. It helps to ensure long-term retention of what is taught, to enhance student skills and encourage student-teacher interaction.

Language Lab

The language room provides an opportunity for students to work on their listening comprehension as well as to enjoy documentaries and educational programs. This room is also witness to short skits, role-play and other language related activities. The language room also exhibits various literary activities conducted during the year in the form of posters, book reviews and booklets about relevant topics.

Psychology Lab

There are many areas in which experimental studies can appropriate strictly emperical research. The experimental studies of psychology have brought a scientific status. Therefore, psychology lab is an inevitable part of B.Ed.,
Our Psychology lab, like others, is well ventilated and spacious. It is well equipped with multiple sets of apparatus for carrying out simple experiments related to educational psychology like Intelligence Test (performance, verbal , non-verbal), Aptitude Tests, Creative Tests, Personality Tests, Attitude Tests, Interest Inventories etc.

Music Room

Student practice their skills in music as a part of varied inter and intra college activities. . The music room has been used to teach performances like song for the Institution assembly, invocation for programs, the college song for the graduation or a tune for an inter-college competition. The skilled and experienced music teachers make the music classes vibrant and interactive.

Physics Lab

The lab is designed according to the Pre University curriculum Apparatus like Son meter, Calorimeter, traveling microscope, Galvanometer,Rheostat, Vernier calipers, Screw Gauge, potentiometer, spectrometer,ammeter, voltmeter, simple pendulum, spring constant, junction diode kit and other required equipments are available.in addition to this Charts,models and diagrams are displayed. The room can accommodate 30 students at a time. Qualified lab technician is allotted to supervise the activities of the lab.

Chemistry Lab

The lab is designed according to the Pre University curriculum. Organic and inorganic salts, glass wares like burette, pipette, conical flasks, test tubes, dropper, glass rods, other required equipment and chemicals are available, in addition to this Charts, models and diagrams are displayed. The room can accommodate 35 students at a time. Qualified lab technician is allotted to supervise the activities of the lab.

Biology Lab

The lab is designed according to the Pre University curriculum. Device like microscope, dissection microscope, simple photometer, various specimen jars and models of digestion, respiratory system, heart,kidney, eye, ear, brain and necessary glassware are available. Required Charts, models and diagrams are displayed. The room can accommodate 25 students at a time. Qualified lab technician is allotted to supervise the activities of the lab.

Seminar Hall

The Seminar Hall is designed to accommodate 300 audiences with a spacious dais. It is modernized with all the necessary provisions and the latest audio visual equipments for the seminars, lectures, workshops and demonstrations. Various intra and inter college cultural activities and fest are conducted here.

Library & Research Centre

M.H. library is provided with more than 10,000 volumes. Daily, weekly, monthly magazines and journals are being subscribed. Other than academic journals, good number of reference books, sets of educational encyclopaedias, yearbooks, electronic publications (CD ROMS) are also available in the library. Students and staff are permitted to borrow and return the books for personal use. Updating is being done every year. Qualified and experienced librarian is in charge to monitor the activities.

Computer Lab

Computer labs are fortified with modern computing facilities for students and facilitators. Information technology based learning solutions, multimedia experience and e-resources teachings are trained in this work room. LAN and Wi-Fi connections to Computer Lab, faculty rooms, Library, Administration and Section Office are provided.

Counselling Centre

Institution is certainly concerned about the physical, social, personal, and overall development of all the students. By Aiming these, we provide counselling and guidance for our students whenever necessary from the concerned committee.

Girls Waiting Room

Safety being the prime concern, the institution has a separate leisure room for girls in the campus.

Sports Room

Any educational institute is not complete without a sports room, M.H. sports lab is precisely designed and structured accordingly. Outdoor materials like basketball, football, throw ball, volleyball short put, badminton rackets, cricket accessories, indoor materials like chess board, snake and ladder, ludo, carom board are available. Qualified and experienced physical education director are at the helm for the sports room.

Play Field

In an ever challenging world the importance of sporting spirit and comradeship cannot be undervalued. It emphasizes not only the physical well-being but a sound mental attitude that can combat the storms of life. And hence amenities for indoor and outdoor games are available at the campus. Large play grounds and state-of-art indoor sports facilities have made the students to extensively involve themselves in various games and track events. It has become a healthy habit to our students to come out in flying colours at the inter school and inter collegial competitions.


The Institution canteen is located in the campus premises, which provides healthy and balanced food. The food is cooked, stored and served in the hygienic conditions.