Sri. Vinod Thomas

M.A (Eng).,B.Ed.,

It gives me immense pleasure to pen a few words as prologue to our Institution website


SGMPU College is a wonderful place for students from diverse backgrounds to grow educationally, get involved, and have a memorable college experience. In every way that educational institution is measured, whether it is academically, in the fine and performing arts, or athletically, M.H. Group excels.


Our curriculum, course offerings, co- and extra-curricular offerings are second to none. We strive to create an environment where each and every student is given the attention to achieve his/her individual success.


Education is not an act of acquiring knowledge but learning a skill to lead life and forming one’s personality. This is an ennobling process of growth. I can boldly say that we have excelled in every initiative that we undertook and we have stood together in facing the challenges in realizing quality education. In all this, we have made every effort to be sensitive and compassionate to the marginalized and the people in need. I feel happy when the bright and talented students perform remarkably well. However what makes me happier is when a weak student from a rural background progresses steadily from poor performance to better performance, moving towards excellence.


Every day I have the privilege of witnessing wonderful children achieve this transformation for themselves and emerge more confident and assured of their worth as individuals, helped by the loving and guiding presence of parents, teachers, special needs assistants and other members of the Institution family.


I wish every student best wishes in their studies and career!