Ashwini H.C. MBA (UK)



Welcome to the webpage of M.H. Group of Institutions!

M.H. Group of Institutions is a grooming Institution of about 2000+ students that offers a wide range of professional programs of benefit to our region. For over a decade our Institution has been dedicated to expanding the pool of knowledge and the creation of ideas through excellence in its service. The combination of our rich academic heritage and glorious campus at Ramanagara make the institute idiosyncratic.


Our vision and dedication to our mission is as clear as ever, which is to provide education to the rural youths and train them entirely to meet whatever the new era demands. Our team is and will follow the same trajectory and aid us in positioning among the leading Institution in the District.


M.H. Group offers a wealth of acclaimed academic staff and educators who encourage students to pursue their passion and address the world’s most challenging problems through an inter disciplinary approach.


This Establishment places great emphasis on an excellent student experience. We provide an environment that is conducive to learning for a culturally and ethnically diverse student population. M.H. Campus is a friendly campus which offers healthy and a positive learning environment.


We are grateful for the valuable contributions made by our alumni who maintain their loyalty to the Institute beyond their years of study. Our students work worldwide and alumni enrich the experience of current students by generously giving their time, expertise and advice.


One of the reasons which makes M.H. a special place is how ambitious it is about its future. There is an atmosphere here where a shared sense of pride in its academic achievements and an ambition to make the next chapter in its history even more successful and thus making M.H. an exciting domicile.


Thank you for visiting us on the web. I invite you to explore the people and programs of M.H. Group.